Zhitao's Portfolio

Game Engine

A 3D game engine I am working on, mainly about real-time rendering. The engine is developed by C++, Direct3D 11, Lua, and HLSL.

QQ Romance of Three Kingdoms

QQ Romance of Three Kingdoms is a 2D MMORP game which has been released nearly 12 years by Tencent Games, which still has lots of players.

Meaty McSkinBones

Meaty McSkinBones is a single-player puzzle/platformer where the character is split into three separate bodies. They each have unique abilities or can work together to solve puzzles and traverse the environment.

The Red Moon

The Red Moon is a multi-player digital board game which is built on Android platform. It's about Town Building, Alliances, and Magic. Defeat Guǐ. Siege other cities. Cast powerful spells. And most of all, beware the red moon!

The Journey to the West: Super Power

An online mobile ARPG about Journey to the West with a brand-new story. Use various kinds of guns and skills to defeat enemies.


The theme of GGJ 2018 is transmission. This game is a multiplayer game made by Unity. As an electron, you need to make use of the force between electrons to get more energy.

EAE Simulator

EAE Simulater is a prototype that simulates a game academy. You are the founder of it. Trying to use your money and reputation to make the EAE program great again!

Don Quixote in Manhattan

An action game prototype. Don Quixote is the lonely knight of the big city, fighting for ensuring his own existence. He's Sisyphus, Don Quixote, and anyone.

Monster Mania

Monster Mania is an interesting competitive game. Drive your racing car on a small planet, try to deliver the ball to your goal. Avoid your opponent by taking advantage of the terrain.

Dead Diary

A mobile LBS game made by Android Studio. Collect items in the real world according to GPS location. Try to survive as long as possible by arranging resources reasonably.